Fathers day

IMG_3770 IMG_4244 CufflinksSo it’s our Dads turn to be thanked for what they do. Yes, Dads Day. Some of us have fathers – our biological dads – who without them we wouldn’t be here.. so there is thanks to be given there. While some of us have Dads, the man who brings us up. Shows us how to get up again when we fall, and dusts off our knees. Whether riding a bike for the first time or not getting that dream job,  Dads are supportive. The pocket money, the ice cream buyer, the don’t tell Mum spoiler, the encourager, the diy-er, And often a great taxi service too.

There is a book by Dawn Richards and Jane Massey, called My Dad Is My Hero. To quote them, “My Daddy doesn’t always win… and he isn’t always right… sometimes I get cross with him, and sometimes there’s a fight. But I know my Daddy loves me, and I know he’s always there, I know he’s there to hug me, to look after me and care. My Daddy looks quite normal, no different from the rest, but Daddy is my hero, the greatest dad, the best.”
My Dad is certainly my hero. Thank you Dad.

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