July Birthdays – the Birthstone is Ruby

Rubies are a wonderful, desirable and lustrous red gemstone, often used in jewellery to convey both passion and love.

Of all the red gemstones, Rubies are the most famous.  Rubies can range in colour from reddish pink to vivid dark red and sometimes, can even have a bluish-purple hue.  They are graded and valued based on their cut, colour, clarity and weight.

Jody has a passion for unusual, rare gemstones and one of the loveliest is the ‘Star Ruby’.  Whilst forming in the earth, the gemstone develops tiny, slender rutile needles deep within its structure.  It’s these tiny naturally occurring inclusions within the gemstone which cause a polished version to dazzle with visible set of six rays, which together form a star – simply stunning.

As they are one of the hardest natural gemstones known to mankind, second only to Diamonds, they are highly prized and make an excellent choice for all kinds of jewellery.  It’s often traditional to give a Ruby ring after forty years of marriage and lucky July Birthdays – a Ruby is a traditional birthstone gift!




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