August Birthdays – the Birthstone is Peridot

The light olive green of the Peridot gemstone dazzles with a hint of a golden hue, Peridot is the perfect gemstone for the summer months of August.

Peridot gemstone is very old and one which has become popular again in modern times.  It’s been recognised as a highly precious gemstone since antiquity, it is so ancient that it can be found in Egyptian jewellery from the early second Millennium BC!  Peridot was originally available from one tiny Egyptian island which eventually became exhausted but new mines have been discovered, several in the early 90’s and this has renewed passion for this simply stunning gemstone.

Peridot is thought to bring its wearer love, joy, good health and so much more – it’s believed to have a very strong energy that comes like a beam of sunshine, into your life!

Large, clear and exceptionally good quality, beautifully sparkling examples of Peridot can be sourced for modern jewellery.  If you are looking for a ‘wow factor’ stone, then Peridot is a truly stunning choice!FotoGraffiAgency FOR SOREMI

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